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The New South Northamptonshire Housing Needs Survey goes online on Monday, 22 September as an added incentive anyone who completes the survey will have their name entered into a prize draw to win a hamper of local produce worth £100. Although the aim is to get everyone to take part online, arrangements can be made for those who have no access to the internet . .  Read More . . .

Any information you may have regarding the village, past activities or past residents would be most welcomed, and any photographs we would love you to send,  also hear from you of any connection, or stories of the village so we can boost our "letters" page and add, especially 'memories' to our archives.

Please enjoy browsing our website via the links, we hope you will enjoy and return again soon !

This website is generously financed by The Parish Council for benefit of all residents and at present without any restrictions, hoping that all will participate by sending contributions, even advertising that odd item you wish to sell or exchange.

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This site is constructed for the benefit of all residents, past, present, and for the future as well as for all those relatives and friends abroad -if you have something to add to our site please forward an email and we will endeavour to add this at our next regular update.

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